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Megan Owens

I am a project manager.

About Me


I am a strongly educated and experienced project and marketing manager looking to further develop my career. My key skills are in web development, graphic design, marketing, video editing, communicating with clients, CRM management, Microsoft Office and creating processes. Project and Marketing Management is my ideal role because I can be involved in all the things I love. The main aspect I look for in a role is having a purpose, and knowing I can make positive contributions within a team.




I have over 4 years of project management experience. My strength is having skills in multiple fields which helps any communication between business and client/supplier.



With over 2.5 years marketing experience I don’t only look at what you do but why you do it. I love Google Analytics and analyzing data.  I am also proficient using most software within the Adobe suite, to help bring ideas to life.



I can create websites using HTML/CSS and WordPress. I’ve also have experience building and managing Shopify (e-commerce) stores.



I always try and go above and beyond in everything I do. From going the extra mile for a client, to working over the weekends. I’m proud of my work and I hope you will be too.

Work Process








Fun Facts

15+ Countries Visited

30+ Chess Awards Won

Playstation Gamer



August 2018 – Current

Operations Manager


MyNeedToLive is a student support platform. I produce quarterly forecasts, manage the Marketing, Design and Technical teams. Communicate with outsource suppliers. Maintain an LMS WordPress website and WordPress blog. I also create many processes to help the business become more efficient day to day, and implemented a CRM system with automation. All this, whilst creating key business partnerships that would benefit students and applying for grants. I love this role due to it having a real purpose and impact.

September 2018 – November 2020

Event Operations Manager

TMA International

TMA International, is a marketing and events management company. I ran all operations within the business from event management, to client and supplier communications, to financial forecasts and job sheets. I also worked as a Personal Concierge, which meant I was on hand 24/7 at events worldwide to help with any questions, concerns or problems which happened.

August 2017 – April 2020

Marketing Manager

Mindsports Academy & Mindsports Education

After being a chess player for 10 years, I couldn’t believe I found a chess related role near Plymouth. Although chess was more a hobby, it was still a passion of mine! For this role I managed all social media accounts, Google Analytics & Google Adwords, created marketing campaigns and ideas, supported worldwide events, and improved website UI from customer feedback.

Other Work

2017: Creative Summer Studio – Plymouth University

2017: Website Developer – The Loft & Marina Bar

2016: Front-End Developer – TellOnline

2015 – 2017: Student Ambassador – Plymouth University


2014 – 2017

BSC Digital Arts & Technology

Plymouth University

DAT covered a range of topics from Graphic Design to Website Development. I also learnt about Arduinos and Raspberry Pis! This was a great course for me due to loving tech and design. I graduated with a First Class Honours.

2012 – 2014

A-Levels: Graphic Design (A*), Photography (A*) & ICT (C)

Bridgwater College

I chose these A Levels as I was very passionate about them and wanted to learn more. Photography was very creative and I loved using real film development techniques. I created a human sized piece for my final project as I liked to push boundaries and do something different. Graphic Design was new to me, but I quickly picked up the Adobe Suite and a love for Typography. ICT was one of my stronger subjects, although it was mainly Microsoft Programs.

2009 – 2011

GCSES (7 As and 3 Bs)


I achieved a chess scholarship to Millfield school where I studied my GCSEs.

Clubs: trampolining, clay pigeon shooting, netball, rounders and hockey

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  • First Class Graduate of Digital Art & Technology 2017
  • Formation Zone Business Challenge Winner 2017
  • University Dean’s Ambassador 2017
  • Digital Plymouth Volunteer
  • Olympic Chess Player (representing Wales)
  • British Chess Champion U11
  • British Girls Chess Champion U8-U16


Website Skills




Design Skills



After Effects


Software Used

Adobe Suite – InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, After Affects

Project Management – Zoho Projects, Monday, Trello & Wrike

Zoho CRM


Bex Sutton

Graphic Designer (now at Primal Studio)

Megan is a fantastic manager. She effectively manages projects, meetings, employee and the overall operations of the company whilst keeping a positive outlook.

Daisy Bavage

Event & Hospitality Assistant

She was a great co-worker and a friend. I would’t be where I am without her support.

Joe Unitt

Junior Website Administrator

Megan was a great manager. She understood the technical projects and gave me clear tasks. She was always available to help me, when needed.


Course Infographics

Digestable course infographics

MyNeedtoLive PDF Blogs

Trying new ways to engage our readers to click through to our blog site

MyNeedToLive Company Brochure

Canva created brochure / presentation

Course Writer Intro Video

Canva - Video Editing

MyNeedToLive Courses

A Wordpress LMS website

Purpose Before Profit Video

Adobe After Affects - Video Production and Editing

TMAI Sports Brochure

Adobe InDesign A4 Brochure

TMAI Company Brochure

Adobe InDesign A4 Brochure

TMAI Sport Pros Video

Adobe After Affects - Video Production and Editing

TMAI Club Video

Adobe After Affects - Video Production and Editing

World Scrabble Championships 2019 Website

A one-page corporate HTML & CSS website.

NTL Global Website

A one page business website with a corporate style.

TheNeedToLive Website

A Shopify store which sells student related products and offers discounts across national brands.


MyNeedToLive Website

Wordpress blog style website to support students

Mindsports Meetup Poster

A poster to appeal to the younger generation / parents to attend a fun Mindsports Meetup.

Whack A Mole – Leap Motion

A Leap Motion is a gesture control sensor. I programmed a whack a mole like game which uses the number of fingers to whack the mole at the numbered hole.

The Loft Offices Website

The client wanted a website to showcase the beautiful offices they have.

TMA International Video

A background video for TMA, showing everything the business does in small snippets.

TMA International Website

I created the TMA International website to showcase what TMAI can do!

The Loft Offices Logo

Based on a client's brief I created a nautical logo for their new offices.

The Marina Bar Website

Based of client's requirements I created a simple HTML & CSS website.

Mindsports Academy Website

ASP.NET Project with HTML & CSS

Mindsports Education Website

ASP.NET Project with HTML & CSS using Bootstrap

Gamecon Poster

A family gaming event poster.

World Scrabble Championship 2018 Website

A one-page corporate HTML & CSS website.

Your Move, Human

An interactive chessboard that tells the players about the history of chess artificial intelligence. You play on a real board which is connected to an arduino that's coded to do different things at different points based of data from the chess clock.

Picstory Advert

Picstory is a new app encouraging people to explore the outdoors. We created this video advert and brand to represent the client's brief.

3D Animation – IVT Dome

This was a group university project where we had to create 3D animations for an IVT Dome. We created it using Blender and After Affects. My Contributions: Group leader, Concept, creating the final piece, the chess section, the introduction, the transitions and the ending!

Camper Rater – Mobile App

A Phonegap mobile app which had to include using the camera, storing photos and using a database.

Event Report – Qatar

I created a double page event summary document for the 4th Mindsports World Championships.

Premediation Project – Feeling Sounds

We had to give someone the feeling of being where the music described. Either by taste, experience or feelings. We used uncomfortable textures, soil and water to create the feeling of being in a damp dark place. View the video to listen to the sound!

Star Nosed Mole

Giving humans the experience of a star-nosed mole.


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